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Job Vacancy No. 2019 - 08

Item Number: ATY4-25-2012
Salary Grade and Status: 23, Permanent
Compensation Package:
  • P65,604.00 Basic Monthly Salary
  • P2,000.00 Monthly Personnel Economic Relief Allowance

Other Incentives/Bonuses:

  • P65,604.00 Mid-Year Bonus
  • P5,000.00 Productivity Enhancement Incentive
  • P6,000.00 Clothing Allowance
  • P5,000.00 Cash Gift
  • P58,717.00 Year-End Bonus/ 13th Month Pay
Station: Legislative Division
General Scope of Work:
Qualification Standards:

Education      : Bachelor of Laws

Experience    : 2 years of relevant experience

Eligibility        : RA 1080 (Bar Passer)

Training         : 8 hours of relevant training

Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. In general, assist the Division Chief in providing legal and policy analysis and advice to the Commission’s various departments and offices concerning the laws, and other applicable rules and regulations, relative to GCG’s core functions and mandates;
  2. Liaise with Congress, Office of the President, and other administrative bodies on matters affecting proposed bills, existing laws, and other issuances, rules and regulations of the GOCC Sector to align the Commission’s efforts in utilizing GOCCs as significant tools for economic development;
  3. Provide position papers by preparing, drafting and submitting comments to the Division Chief for review on any pending legislation and executive issuances referred that concerns a GOCC or the Commission;
  4. Provide legal opinion by conducting studies and analysis on government policy directions that may be initiated by and/or affect the Commission;
  5. Provide assistance to the Division Chief in monitoring the implementation of projects and programs of the OGC by coordination with the Strategic Management Division relative to the Commission’s strategic objectives;
  6. Provide legal advice on formal and informal queries from GOCCs and other Offices of the Commission; and
  7. Perform such other functions as may be assigned from time to time.
Competency Requirements:

Core Competencies:

  • Communicating Effectively
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration

Leadership Competencies:

  • Influencing/Negotiating
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Managing Performance
  • Leading Change

Organizational Competencies:

  • Flexibility and Innovation
  • Records and Information Management

Technical Competencies:

  • Case Investigation
  • Legal Acumen and Expertise
  • Property/Asset Usage and Management
Other Qualifications: