POSTED LAST 28 Apr 2016 - 01:23 pm

      Q: Why is there a Revised Whistleblowing Policy for the GOCC Sector?

A: The Whistleblowing Policy, launched in 2014, is revised in order to strengthen the policy especially on the confidentiality of Whistleblowing Reports, and the anonymity of the whistleblower (unless he/she waives this privilege). In the revised Policy a new reporting channel is added –the Whistleblowing Web Portal.

Q: How many Whistleblowing Reports has GCG received and resolved since the launch of the Whistleblowing Policy?

A: GCG has received close to a hundred reports since the issuance of the Whistleblowing Policy for the GOCC Sector in 2014. Resolutions are decided on a case-to-case basis, as reports may be dismissed, referred, or further investigated upon depending on its subject.

Q: What are the possible results of GCG’s investigation of a Whistleblowing Report?

A:  Whistleblowing Reports may be dismissed for a lack of merit, directly forwarded to the GOCC concerned, or further investigated on, among other things. Investigation of reports may result to: referral to the appropriate government agency or to the GOCC for appropriate action, GCG sending recommendations to the Governing Board or to the Office of the President.

Q: How do I choose which channel to report through?

A: GCG has established the web portal as its primary reporting channel. However, alternative reporting channels have been established for the convenience of the whistleblower. While the web portal prompts whistleblowers to be more exhaustive with the information they provide, reports from other channels are not treated differently.

Q: How long does it usually take for GCG to resolve a report?

A: The timing of resolution of the reports depends on the complexity of each case. Nevertheless, GCG allocates the appropriate resources per case in order to efficiently handle the same.

Q: How can I help with the investigation?

A: GCG does not recommend whistleblowers to conduct investigations to maintain their anonymity and security. However, whistleblowers can help by being as exhaustive with their reports as possible, providing all available supporting materials to GCG, and not publicizing such information.

Q: How do I follow-up my report?

A: The GCG Whistleblowing Web Portal allows the user to access the status of his/her report for up to three years after its resolution. Until a report is resolved, the whistleblower may continue to update the report by uploading files to support the report.

Q: Has GCG tested the web portal against cyberattacks such as hacking?

A: As per the industry practices, the web portal has been tested for cyber security flaws before its launch. GCG has a modern IT infrastructure equipped with controls against cyber-attacks.

Q: How can GCG guard the confidentiality of the reports?

A: GCG only allows access of Whistleblowing Reports to authorized personnel throughout its investigation. These personnel are bound and equipped to treat all documents related to Whistleblowing Reports in strictest confidence.