POSTED LAST 15 Jan 2014 - 04:50 pm

The Philippine Daily Inquirer today published an article entitled “Return bonuses, gov’t execs told. COA issues order to 31 GOCCs.” The news item was based on a 4-month old COA report wherein it was observed that various GOCCs granted unauthorized allowances, bonuses, and benefits amounting to P2.313 billion.

GCG had actually reviewed the COA reports and discussed the findings with the GOCCs concerned (which excludes Local Water Districts and Economic Zone Authorities which are not within the jurisdiction of the Commission), and except for three GOCCs, none of the other GOCCs covered in the COA report have been issued Notices of Disallowance.

Although no final notice of disallowance has yet been issued against the GOCCs mentioned in the report, GCG required all GOCCs in their 2013 Performance Agreements to submit concrete and time-bound action plans for addressing observations from COA in order that the fitness of the members of the governing boards may already be evaluated pending the evaluation by COA and the courts on whether a Notice of Disallowance should be issued.

Nonetheless, by virtue of the PDI news item, all the GOCCs mentioned have been directed to submit to the GCG a concrete response and reply thereto within the next 24 hours. GCG will be issuing within a few days the final responses of the GOCCs and the Commission’s own evaluation for the guidance of the general public.

It should be noted that the amounts in the report cover various items that were already being granted without legal basis prior to the Aquino Administration. As the current administration has been firm on its policy of not granting post facto approvals, many of these findings have therefore been recurring in COA reports.

Atty. Paolo E. Salvosa
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