Notice of Vacancy

The Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) as a central advisory, monitoring, and oversight body with authority to formulate, implement and coordinate policies of the GOCCs, is searching for qualified applicants to the following positions:
PositionStationItem No.Date PostedDeadlineVacancy No.Timestamp
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OFFICER IIIOperations and Compensation Standards DivisionCGO3-22-201204 June 202114 June 20212021-1004 June 2021 05:29:31 PM
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OFFICER IIEnergy and Materials DivisionCGO2-12-201413 April 202123 April 20212021-0813 April 2021 09:23:54 PM
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OFFICER IVAgriculture, Food and Fisheries, Education and Culture DivisioCGO4-28-201213 April 202123 April 20212021-0913 April 2021 09:39:34 PM
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OFFICER IIAgriculture, Food and Fisheries, Education and Culture DivisionCGO2-13-201413 April 202123 April 20212021-0713 April 2021 09:46:44 PM
ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER VAdministrative DivisionADOF5-22-201415 March 202125 March 20212021-0615 March 2021 01:58:46 PM
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OFFICER IVBanking and Financial Institutions Division ACGO4-24-201209 February 202119 February 20212021-0509 February 2021 02:50:04 PM
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OFFICER IISocial Security and Financial Institutions Division BCGO2-10-201228 January 202111 February 20212021-0128 January 2021 02:44:04 PM
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OFFICER IVArea Development, Trade and Tourism, and Gaming DivisionCGO4-26-201228 January 202111 February 20212021-0228 January 2021 02:49:10 PM
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OFFICER IOperations and Compensation Standards DivisionCGO1-7-201428 January 202111 February 20212021-0328 January 2021 02:56:10 PM
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OFFICER IIPerformance Standards DivisionCGO2-7-201428 January 202111 February 20212021-0428 January 2021 03:00:54 PM
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY OFFICER IIIManagement Information Systems DivisionITO3-15-201208 September 202018 September 20202020-1709 September 2020 11:40:47 AM
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY OFFICER IIIApplications Management DivisionITO3-19-201408 September 202018 September 20202020-1809 September 2020 11:54:34 AM
BOARD SECRETARY VI (Anticipated Vacancy)Office of the Commission ProperBS6-3-201208 September 202018 September 20202020-2009 September 2020 12:00:14 PM
If interested, you may submit an application letter addressed to:

Director IV
Administrative and Finance Office
3rd Floor Citibank Center, Paseo De Roxas, Makati City

Supporting Documents:
  1. Letter of Application
  2. Latest Personal Data Sheet and Curriculum Vitae with 2 x 2 ID Picture
  3. Service Record or Employment Certificate, whichever is applicable
  4. Transcript of Records / School Diploma
  5. Copy of Certificate of Eligibility / Board Rating
  6. Copies of Certificates of Training / Seminars attended
  7. Individual Performance Commitment and Review for Government Transferees
  8. Performance Appraisal/Evaluation for other applicants
Only applicants who meet the minimum requirements of the position shall be subjected to further screening. Application papers with incomplete requirements will not be processed/considered for evaluation.

GCG is a government organization that promotes equal employment opportunity (EEO) for everyone, regardless of your gender, civil status, disability, ethnicity, religion or creed.